A dad's interview with his 9 year old daughter
Having not been furloughed during the pandemic when I have been home I have seen my daughter cope well with lockdowns, always finding something that has occupied her.

I have all so seen her grow both in confidence and in character. 

My daughter like me enjoys photography and with that in mind and after talking to her about what I wanted to do, and with her permission I set about photographing her and asking her 10 question over two days that she would answer honestly to give a snap shot of a 9 year in lockdown.

How do you find home schooling and on-line lessons?
Not too bad, just don’t like how you have to do them every day.
What do you miss when we are in lockdown?
I miss being able to go out from meals and special treats, being able to see my friends.
What are your hopes?
To get better at drawing. Being able to talk more in front of people as I don’t like to talk in front a lot of people at once. To get a kitten.
What are your fears?
Spiders snakes. Not being with family, when cats get poorly.
How to do spend your time so you do not get board?
I play on my DS or switch, I play Roblox with my friends and I like playing with the cats. I also do my school work.
What are the most important things in your life?
My family and my bears my friends and of cause the cats.
If you could do anything that you cannot do during lockdown what would it be?
To go out with my family and go on a train and hug my friends.
What would you say to the people that don’t follow lock down rules?
You need to follow lock down rules so you don’t get Covid.
When and if the world gets back to normal what would you like do?
I would like to have a party in the summer like we use to but have some of my friends there as well.
What is things would you be heartbroken to loss?
My family and my bears.
Thank you and stay safe.
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